Public Education Campaign


Medicanja Marijuana Ganja ResearchOver the past few years, there has been a significant global drive to capitalize on the medicinal uses of marijuana (known locally as ganja) and to develop the medicinal ganja industry. The use of ganja for medical purposes has been part of the Jamaican culture and the country has been first in commercializing a medicinal product from ganja called Canasol for the treatment of glaucoma. Like many countries, Jamaica, and in particular, Medicanja Limited wants to capitalize on opportunities in the medical ganja industry. Medicanja Limited was launched as the first company in the region to undertake cutting edge research and development of medicinal products from ganja and industrial products from hemp.

Ganja’s medicinal properties and potential has been tainted by its psychoactive effects caused mainly by the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the plant. Recently, the Government of Jamaica announced changes in the Dangerous Drug Act to decriminalize the use of small quantities of marijuana, to allow use for religious as well as medicinal purposes. Given the specific proposed changes in the law, the perception that ganja is a dangerous drug, the scientific and trade standards that will be required for medical ganja and the potential misperception that ganja is now “free for all”, et al, it is imperative that the country embark on a comprehensive public education programme as soon as possible.

Purpose of Public Education Campaign

The purpose of the Public Education Campaign is to inform and educate the general public about the benefits of marijuana and its medicinal/ therapeutic usage. The issue of public education on marijuana has become a core mandate of Medicanja in order to streamline and pilot the modus operandi of the industry which will have direct impacts on the way the industry is perceived and the way we do business.

As such, the Public Education Campaign is aimed at educating and informing the general populace about the medical uses of marijuana, thereby, creating an enabling business environment that facilitates the growth and development of the industry.