Corporate Social Responsibility

Medicanja Limited believes in maintaining a long lasting relationship with our clients and therefore we are committed in communicating promptly, completely and accurately with our stakeholders and shareholders.

In this competitive market, quality products are essential. Medicanja maintains an extensive quality control and assurance program to ensure that you receive premium ingredients - every single time. The products are inspected and approved for distribution by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica. Medicanja is mindful that your success depends upon our careful attention to every detail from idea to shelf.

Transparency of Information

Medicanja Ltd.  will make available, where necessary, all relevant information on  its products, being a part of its commitment to transparency. Any information conventionally in the public domain will be readily accessible, and where required, all safety information will be disclosed in an easily accessible and clear manner. Medicanja will seek to protect the intellectual property of its scientists and technologists. In safeguarding and enhancing its value chain, Medicanja will develop and maintain equitable business arrangements and relations with all its publics.

Stakeholder Involvement

The views of all shareholders and stakeholders i.e.; consumers, employees, researchers, partners and Board of Directors will be solicited and diverse perspectives duly considered in the decision making process in current and future product research and development.

Conserving the Environment

Medicanja will promote biodiversity and sustainable development in the use of natural resources and greenhouses, so as to protect the environment for future generations. Medicanja is a socially responsible organization that acts in ways that promote information sharing and the pursuit of knowledge to assist in improving the health and quality of people’s lives through cannabis innovations.