To significantly contribute to the socio-economic development of Jamaica by capitalizing on opportunities in the growing global medical ganja industry.

General Objectives

The general objectives are to:


  • Undertake cutting edge research on the medicinal uses of Ganja;

  • Carry out research to develop strains of Ganja with more CBDs and less THCs;

  • Develop unique and high quality nutraceuticals, functional foods and cosmeceuticals from Ganja to manage certain illnesses, improve overall health and wellness;

  • Develop a local ganja industry, which will cultivate ganja to be used as a rich source of the bioactive CBDs; as well as for other industrial products using its fibers for clothing, bags, ropes etc.;

  • Synthesize Ganja related compounds for medicinal purposes;

  • Subsequently develop pharmaceuticals from Ganja for various illnesses;

  • Optimizing the quality of life by developing quality products, in particular ones that contribute to the well being of stage 3 and 4 cancer patients in need of palliative care;

  • Promote collaboration among scientists, doctors and policymakers in advancing the local medical ganja industry;

  • To contribute to the development of a local health and wellness industry around medical ganja;

  • Contribute to the development of Jamaica by producing local products from Ganja for the local as well as the international markets.